In Whole India Nagnath Anna Nayakwadi is known as "Krantiveer" due to his revolutionary role in freedom movement and after independance. He is born in poor farmer's family at Walwe on 15th July 1922. The names of his parents are Shri Ramchandra Ganapati Nayakawadi (Father) and Sou Laxmibai Ramchandra Nayakawadi (Mother) His parents were also participated in struggle of freedom movement which was accepted by Nagnath Anna. His parents were imprisoned during freedom movement. Due to this devotion mother Laxmibai Nayakawadi was known every where as Krantivirangana or Krantimata.

Nagnath Anna completed his primary education at Walwa & Ashta while secondary education at Rajaram High School, Kolhapur. In 1942 He joined underground movement of freedom fighters by leaving incomplete matric education. In 1948 he passed Matric examination and then joined Rajaram College, Kolhapur for higher education.

In 1930 at the age of 8 years old, Nagnath Anna who is inspired by country loving thoughts of Krantisinh Nana Patil, participated in congress relley by taking their flag in hand. Under unfarourable situation he was learning by living in prince Shivaji boarding Kolhapur, he joined Rashtra Seva dal. He wear Khadi dress & started propaganda and spreading of khadi. He always stood first in students movement and in 1939 with co-operation of his collegues he started voluntary schools in rural & backward area of Shirala Taluka. Thus started the spreading of education up to common persons of rural area.

Hon. Krantiveer Nagnath Anna Nayakawadi

In 1940 he played prime role in arranging 'Vidyarthi Parishad' at Kameri. In 7th & 8th August 1942 he participated in congress assembly held at Gavalia tank Bombay with inspiration of national thoughts obtained by him from regular reading of daily paper

'Harijan' of Mahatma Gandhi. He started the underground movement of freedom with inspiration by Mahatma Gandhi's slogans "Quit India" and "Do or Die" Krantiveer Anna has formed weaponed movement against British rule who tried to crush the satyagrah of unweaponed freedom fighters similar to Azad hind sena of Subhashchandra Bose, he formulated anti Azad sena of revolutionary youngsters in Shirala Petha. In 1942 the obtained weapons from Goa. The finance required for revolution was raised by making robbery of pay-special train on 7th June 1943 at Shenoli (Tal.Karad) Krantiveer Anna is one of them. On 3rd August 1943 Antigovernment is formulated at panumbre under leadership of Krantisinh Nana Patil and Krantiveer Anna was appointed on executive board of same antigovernment. They were in need of weapons hence on 10th Oct 1943 all underground workers succeded in robbing the guns from police out post of Sagaon. He played major role in plundering of 'Dhule-Khajina' which occassion was happed on 14th April 1944 The co-workers like Krantiagrani G.D.Lad (Bapu), Ravsaheb Kalake, Uttamrao Patil, Venkatrao Randhir (Dhule), Shankar Mali (Khandesh) Dhondiram Mali (Sangli) Rajutai Birnale (Ankalkhop) etc. were participated in "Dhule-Khajina" plunder alongwith Nagnath Anna.

In 29th July 1944 due to information of some traitor person the British police attacked at Walwa and arrested to Krantiveer Anna. Immediately during next day the co-workers of Nagnath Anna has cut one hand & one leg of traitor person. It has created pressure on grace-less local scamps. During period of 8 days from arrest day & on 10th Sept 1942 Krantiveer Anna jumped from border wall of central prison Satara and escaped himself and joined to underground movement and started the work more forcibly.
The british government has declared amount of Rs. 500/- which will be given to person who will help in arresting Anna or who will provide necessary information about Krantiveer Anna which will become helpful in arresting him. On 26th January 1945 at Aitawade (Tal.Walwa) immediately after the meeting of Swami Ramanand Bharti, British D.S.P. Gilbert and his police team suddenly attacked the place but Krantiveer Anna get escaped himself from the place by jumping over the wall. The police ran behind him to arrest but Anna become vanished in well of farm area, thus police failed to arrest them.

In 1945 from Delhi 2 soldier's of Azad Hind Sena viz Nanaksing and Mansasing (Punjab) were brought to walwa to give military training to freedom fighters. The camp of soldiers started at Thavada Jungle in Kolhapur district. on 25th Feb 1946 at Sonawade and Mandur in Shirala Taluka the freedom fighters struggled with british police and in this struggle Anna's 2 collegues viz Kisan Ahir (Walwa) and Nanaksing (Punjab) become victim of police attack and they become martyr.

On 22nd May 1946 as per the openion of Karmveer Bhaurao Patil the experiment on collective farming was conducted at Aitwade. (Tal.Walwa) Meanwhile in attack of local scamps 2 additional collegues viz Prataprao Patil (Byakud-Karnatak) and Baburao Kokate (Padvalwadi) have sacrificed their lives and become Martyr. Krantiveer Anna was arrested and released during Hydrabad Mukti Sangram when he was supplying guns or weapons to co-workers or freedom fighters.

Under the  presidenceship of sathi Sane Guruji they decided to give gift of Rs. 1 lakh to Rayat Shikshan Sanstha Satara of Karmveer Bhaurao Anna Patil on behalf of Vidyarthi Parishad. In 1947 he arranged meeting of Mahar Vatan Mukti Sangram. In 1948 on behalf of Vidyarthi Parishad the funds of Rs. 1 lakh was given to Rayat Shikshan Sanstha Satara at the hands of Saint Gadage Maharaj. In 1949 with a view to make propaganda of education upto common people of society to established Kisan Shikshan Sanstha, Hutatma Kisan Ahir (Multipurpose) Vidyalaya & Hutatma Nanaksing Hostel and thus he opened the doors of education for common persons from society.

In 1950 Krantiveer Anna married with Kusumtai by way of Satyashodha. After marrage he started to reform 'Shetamajur Kashtkari Shetakari Sanghatana" In 1956-57 he played role in movement of Sanyukta Maharashtra. From 1957-1962 he was M.L.A. on behalf of movement of Sanyukta Maharashtra. In 1963 he established Jijamata Vidyalaya and Savitribai Phule Hostel for girls only and made the separate provision of education for girls students. He also played special attention towards sanstha players and due to his continuous pains taking efforts and vigillence players succeded at national level in Kho-Kho & Hand boll games.

In 1972 he implemented Kisan Lift Irrigation Scheme. He formed movement of closed land-cess for roads at the same occasion Krantisinh Nana Patil arrived at Walwe for permanent residence, and he served Krantisinh heartly up to their end. In 1981 through struggle and pains taking efforts of continuous 8 years the government has granted the permission for Hutatma Kisan Ahir Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd. within a period of only 11 months the said Karkhana was erected and it's first crushing season was commissioned in 1984. The Hutatma Karkhana has always got first prizse of sugar recovery and always stood first in sugar recovery among the other sugar factories of Asia contineent since it's first crushing season to uptill now except one crushing season. The Karkhana has also implemented the tradition of paying highest price to cane growers and same is in force today.

In 1986 Krantiveer Anna formed warana project offected sangram sanghatana in order to make the just rehabilitation of warna project affected families and persons. and 1988 Koyana project affected sangram sanghatana was formed and arranged movement through it give the proper justice to project affected families. The said movement is in force today. In 1985 Hutatma Nanaksing secondary and Higher Secondary Vidyalaya was established at Hutatmanagar Sonawade in Shirala taluka in order to make memorial of collegue Hutatma Nanaksing who sacrificed his life for nation in freedom movement of 1942. Thus doors of education were opened for poor students of hilly and backward area. In 1988 and in 1996 on All India Dalit Adivashi Gramin Sanyukta Sahitya gatherings were arranged at Walwa.

In 1993 he established Krantisinh Nana Patil Mahavidyalaya at Walwa on 25th February 1993, he formed human chain of 80 Kms long from Walwa to Hutatmanagar (Sonawade) as a symbol of unity. On 26th May 1993 he arranged large meeting of 80 thousand men and women on behalf of Shetmajur Kashtakari Shetakari Sanghatana at Kini in Kolhapur district. In 11th July 1993 he arranged huge Pani Parishad of 13 draughtful villages at Atpadi in order to solve problem of water of dragut area for having equal distribution of water. Since 1993 to 2005 he formed Sanghatana of 13 draught talukas and continued the same movement to solve their water problem. In 1993 he immediately supplied food products and medicines to peoples or families from Killari area who sufferent in great Earthquake and about 80 children who suffered in earthquake were adopted for completing their education on behalf of Hutatma Kisan Ahir S.S.K.Ltd. Walwa. Since 6th December 1993 he started to celebrate 'Bimod Din' of Jatiyvadi Dharmand Shakti' on 9th August 1995 he formed 'Krantikari Vidyarthi Sanghatana' on 5th Nov 1996 he arranged ralley on Mantralaya on behalf of Maharashtra State project and project affected farmer's sanghatana. he arranged Meeting of sugar factory workers and cane growers on 13th December 1997. He also agganged joint parishad (Meeting) of factory workers, cane growers, project affected person and draught affected person on 26th March 2001. Since 13th May 2001 he started to struggle against Government for being imposed income tax on sugar factories.

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