The respectable Vaibhav Nagnath Nayakawadi is born in poor farmer's family at walwa. His fathers name is Krantiveer Nagnath (Anna) Nayakawadi and mothers name is Kusumtai Nagnath Nayakawadi. She is also know by others as "Mai" Mr. Vaibhav grown in well setlled and thoughtfull environment right from his childhood. He is sprinkled with nation loving thoughts by his parents since begining. He decided to complete education first before devoting himself for social services.

He completed his primary education at his native place walwa. He always stood first in each class. He isnot only intelligent but also good player. He played Kho-Kho at state and National level. He has cosmopolitan personality sice begining which helped him to become chief personel of various institutions in future.
He passed Master's Degree in subject politics from Shivaji University Kolhapur. He has taken lessons to make his effective personality and to serve the poor sectors of society from great personalities of Shivaji University. He understand at level of higher education that the living for others is real living. His friendly and kind behaviour made him beloved of others at university level. He became chairman of student's council at Kolhapur.
He returned from Kolhapur to native place Walwa after completing his higher education and joined movement of social service which was continued by Krantiveer Nagnath (Anna) Nayakawadi. He again inspired by thoughts  of  Krantiveer Anna and totally devoted himself into movement of social service. He also came to know that worship to human is worship to God.

Hon. Vaibhav (Kaka) Nayakawadi

He then struggled for society to solve their social, cultural and economical problems. He is foundar of HutatmaSahakari Bank Ltd. Walwa. Under the proper guidence of Krantiveer Nagnath Anna and Vaibhav Nayakawadi about 10 branches of Hutatma Bank Ltd. aremaking their fast progress. Through media of bank he tried to solve financial problems of poor peoples and poor sectors of society by providing them loans of various types at rasonable rate of interest Now a days Hutatma Bank and Its various branches making their progress prominently under valuable guaidence of Vaibhav Nayakawadi.

He also established Hutatma Sahakari Dudha Sangh and through this channel he has given just to farmers by giving right rates to their Milk. The HutatmaDudha Sangh Ltd. is becoming famous and popular everywhere due to milk quantity and quality with cheap rate. The Sangh has also started to make various milk product with quality control hence these products are also more demanded in market by consumers.Mr.Vaibhav Nayakawadi has also established Krantisinh Nana Patil College at Walwa under guidenceship of Krantiveer Nagnath (Anna) Nayakawadi and made facilities of higher education for poor and rural condadates.

Now Mr.Vaibhav Nayakawadi has focussed his total attention towards development of agriculture. He knew that all sided development of society and operational area and therby nation finally depends upon economical status of person. He now absorbed complete in making agricultural development which will make automatic development of individuals and society.

The peoples from 15 villages have selected Mr.Vaibhav Nayakawadi as a chairman of Hutatma Kisan Ahir Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd. Walwa. The society peoples have confidence that varsatile personality like Vaibhav Nayakawadi has ability or capacity to give proper turn to society and make it's all sided developments like social economical and cultural etc.

Mr.Vaibhav Nayakawadi has also started separate wing of information technology for providing technological knowledge to candidates. He also decided to starts some additional institutions in near future so that the candidates will be able to obtain his desired education at one center only. The already established institutions are in progress and newly establishing institutions will definately made their progress under valuable guidence of Vaibhav Nayakawadi.

Taking into consideration the proper guidence of Vaibhav Nayakawadi and the progress made by his various established institutions the Government has awarded "Rajiv Gandhi Rastryiya Ratna" award to Mr.Vaibhav Nayakawadi.

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